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Summer is already fast approaching, even if you can’t see it through the stress of exams that loom large in front of it. How will you use that summer? The only time in the year you can be free to do what you want – you have a choice.

So you have space. You have freedom. This is exciting, but now what? How do you use this time? Sleep and Netflix is a choice. Or use this time to develop your entrepreneurial spirit, to meet new people, to create something and challenge yourself.

Applications for the Chakra Internship Programme are now open. We are passionate about community development and we are passionate about personal growth and we want to find young people that care about this too. You will have the opportunity to design and develop your own projects, free of financial constraints that will make real lasting impact in the community. We provide a framework that challenges you to develop yourself through the process. The numerous and seemingly small choices you will make each day of the Internship will eventually weave together to create the fabric of your character.

The professional placement provides you with an opportunity to continue your development and gain a first hand understanding of the challenges and aspirations within an entrepreneurial environment. We will partner you with companies in the discipline of your choice to gain professional work experience and be mentored by entrepreneurs running their own business.

We hope that doing something meaningful during your holidays matters to you. If it doesn’t, think twice before applying. If it does matter then this summer could be an opportunity for you to explore what it is that you value, to challenge expectations (yours and others) and raise aspirations. Sleep and Netflix isn’t going to do that.

If you take one thing away from this, make it this – this year, your summer holiday is time that you won’t get back.


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