5 things every student should be doing this summer

Our day-to-day lives are structured between September and June. You know what your day looks like and you know what you need to get done when you get home. When it comes to doing anything that steers away from revision, work or university applications it’s regarded as procrastination. This leaves little room to be creative, to explore ideas or basically do anything outside of the box of the core education system you’re in.
This is why your summer is so important. You’re free to do whatever you want and here are 5 things every student should be doing this summer;

1. Work

Work. But not for money. Work to learn. Use the time to get an insight into a company or sector that interests you. This work experience will broaden your horizons and imagination and take you towards a career that will be more than just a job.

Being proactive will take you a long way in your future – both in and outside of your career. Going through the learning process of using your free time to find work experience is invaluable and will give you insight into what it’s really like to work in a company or sector which may seem cool to you on the outside.

2. Network

A good network is one that exposes you to different perspectives and can help to broaden your world view. You will never really appreciate the value of a good network until you really need it. This could be when you’re looking for a job, investors for a venture or a business contact. This is why it’s essential to use your summer to learn from others; attend events, arrange that coffee or lunch with someone you are inspired by and get involved with projects that you find exciting.

This is key; getting involved in something you actually enjoy is what you’re aiming for, not something for the sake of getting involved with, whether it be out of convenience or acceptance.

3. Read

Read for pleasure. Throughout your education you’re being told the things you have to read, which often immediately takes the pleasure away. This summer, choose a book, a topic or a person you’ve really been interested in and read as much as you can on it/them. As Oscar Wilde said “It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.”

4. Create

Use the free space. That random crazy business idea you had one evening whilst revising for your exam? That time you saw something and thought you could do it better? Use this summer to make it happen; build it, test it and see what’s possible. Push yourself into the unknown, what’s the worst that could happen? You can fail – but you will learn the skills and attitude it takes to make things happen and what more you can do next time. Or, you could succeed; take the risk.

5. Refresh

Refresh not switch off. Of course you need to use this time to recharge your batteries ready for another academic year. But take our word for it, you will be far more re-energised if you’ve spent your summer doing the things above and proactively developing your skills and character than completing a Netflix marathon over 3 months.


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