Live like an entrepreneur this summer

Many of the greatest ideas that have shaped this world have not come from eureka moments, no matter how it may seem to the outside world. It took dedication, self-belief and perseverance by those who created it. It doesn’t always take a flash of inspiration to create change; it takes an abnormal level of passion and commitment.

The work you do through the Chakra Internship has the potential to make a significant impact. We will work with you to set the outputs and the milestones and we will enable you to hold yourself to account for the goals you set. As you start, you will learn more about your project and your capabilities and this will mean that your goals will evolve. There will be frustrations and breakthroughs and you will come across people who will question and doubt you. Your understanding and courage will be tested.

Whether it is solving the climate change challenge or creating a new digital currency or building a new transportation system. From a distance these problems seem unbreakable. Yet, there is something within people that makes them curious to have a go. Maybe they believe things can be better, that they have a responsibility or for the challenge.

The projects you take on during the Chakra Internship will ask for creativity, curiosity and resilience. You will need to understand people, the challenges and the opportunities in order to contribute towards shaping the future.

Through the process you will learn practical skills like project management, communication and resourcefulness. But more importantly, you will explore your passion, creativity and perseverance. You will demonstrate initiative, hard work and responsibility. These are skills that will hold you in good stead for any future employer or endeavour you take on and will be able to look back and see the positive social impact of a seemingly random project you worked on in the summer of 2016. You’re unlikely to be given an opportunity like this at any ‘normal’ holiday job or branded internship.

Whatever project you work on this summer, the Chakra Internship offers you the opportunity to say yes to challenges, to apply yourself fully and to be a part of shaping change.

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