You will select and work on one of the projects listed below. The 2016 projects have been carefully designed to provide you with space to be creative in how you achieve the outcomes that will add value to community organisations across Leicester while developing your project management, leadership and other professional skills. Think about your interest and the skills you’d like to develop as you select the projects.


1. Management Systems: Use your initiative to strengthen organisations to operate more effectively. The technology is out there, yet for a number of reasons, many community organisations do not adopt these tools. You’ll develop strong problem-solving and consultancy skills by working closely with these organisations to understand how they work and helping to articulate their needs; you will explore possible technologies and other good organisational practices.

2. Business Development: We have a series of innovative commercial ideas from summer schemes to language franchises and real estate. You will be responsible for delivering a business feasibility study that will cover everything from market research and financials to strategy and legal considerations. You will own this project and we want you you to be ready to pitch to potential investors. You will develop your ability to think laterally, learn about business models and build a convincing business case in an ambitious environment.

3. Event Management: Events can be fun and chaotic. By immersing yourself into the what goes on in the background to prepare for an event, you will build a unique first-hand understanding of a whole host of necessary skills including planning, communication, technology and teamwork. You will be an integral part of a team working in a fast-paced environment, to host a large and dynamic event in the heart of Leicester city this summer.

4. Health and Wellbeing: Encouraging communities to be active in maintaining a healthy body and mind has been an increasingly difficult challenge across the UK. You will lead the design and implementation of a programme to tackle a growing public health challenge in Leicester. By working closely with leading organisations in this field, you will build long term partnerships and develop a strategy that will extend from the design of relevant communications to delivering community workshops.

5. Heritage and Communities: This is a unique project to mark the role of Indians during World War 1. You will work closely with a team of experts to design and deliver a range of outreach activities from creating an exhibition to battleground tours for young and old alike. You will develop strong project design and organisation skills in an environment where you will be encouraged to use your initiative and to think big.

6. Strategy and Research: What are some of the trends shaping the direction of communities in Leicester? What can we learn from these trends that will help us build vibrant communities? Through carefully designed research methods, you will build a picture of the key patterns and trends that are affecting the community and use these insights to develop scenarios. You will need to think creatively about the best ways to present these scenarios from the use of animations to a report.

7. Design your own: Do you have an idea that will support an existing community organisation you are already part of? Do you have an idea that will benefit the wider community? Submit your idea, the approach you will adopt and what you would like to achieve and if it meets our criteria, we will provide you with the support and structure to develop it through the summer.

8. Develop Project Chakra: We have ambitious plans and are looking for proactive individuals with a variety of skills from designers to facilitators and innovators to organisers. Join our tight knit team and be willing to learn fast, work hard and contribute towards building vibrant communities.