Do I need to pay a fee?
No. We value your time.If accepted, we will ask for a fully refunded deposit to confirm your place on the programme. This deposit will be returned to you by the end of the programme.Will I be reimbursed expenses?
Yes. All programme related expenses will be covered. This includes, travel to and from the trainings, lunch and other allowable expenses. Finance should not stand in the way of your participation in the programme.If you have any other questions contact us at [email protected]

How much time will I need?
The programme lasts 9 weeks. We expect you to be fully engaged Mon-Fri, pretty much all day. The programme, like any other professional environment will require you to maintain high standards.

What if I already have a holiday planned?
It is important that you approach this programme with the commitment that you would a professional internship. However, we understand that your parents may want you to travel with them. Get in touch and we can discuss this. However, we encourage you to make the most of this summer. It will set the trajectory of the way you approach your holidays throughout University and beyond.

If you have any other questions contact us at [email protected]

I’m not from Leicester, will you provide accommodation?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide accommodation. We suggest you find a family/friend of family that will be happy for you to stay over.

If you have any other questions contact us at [email protected]