The DESIGN THINKING process is one through which we allow for each step to inform the next. These steps enable us to constantly deepen our understanding and inform action.

To start, we will draw on principles and processes from Design Thinking (IDEO, HBR, Stanford dSchool). These processes will ground our efforts to ensure they remain disciplined, creative and forward looking.

This process differs from linear, milestone based methods that we are more familiar with.

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Design Thinking combines…

…learning by doing

It encourages experimentation and risk taking in order to enable systemic change. We are comfortable with not knowing. We’ll get “there”

…empathy & optimism for the context

It begins from a deep understanding and care of the needs and motivations of us, others and the collective. We start with the “what if?” instead of the “what’s wrong?”

…rationality & design to find a fit for the challenge/opportunity

It relies on our collective ability to be intuitive, to recognise patterns and to construct ideas that are meaningful, functional and expressive.

…creativity & collaboration in the generation of insights and solutions

It benefits from views of multiple perspectives and each others creative challenge. It will require stepping out of our collective comfort zone and to be open to learning.