Project Chakra is taking a DESIGN THINKING APPROACH to explore the aspirations and future needs of those individuals and communities with a link to India. The challenges for future generations will likely be as acute as faced by their parents and grandparents however, the nature of these challenges will be vastly different.

Project Chakra seeks to invest in the British Indian community to deepen their sense of purpose and to broaden their collective and individual aspirations. It is a call to action to build resources and capacity that can serve those individuals and organisations to proactively build a more desirable future.

The process will inform and shape the creation of an endowed foundation that supports individuals and fosters initiatives to enable bold and confident steps to enrich the future of our communities. It is a proactive effort to address the historical and social fragmentation within our community, as well as the dilution of positive cultural identity amongst British Indians. Based on our experiences of community work, observations and public conversations, we believe that there needs to be a more cohesive, enduring and committed response to these concerns.

The endowed foundation aims to support by

1. Distributing grants to individuals to enable them to commit more time towards deepening their understanding and practice of their culture.

2. Developing programmes to empower individuals to make greater impact in strategic fields and leverage human capacity to strengthen community initiatives.

3. Researching trends related to British Indians across a variety of themes which can be used to support advocacy and inform the development of future ideas.

4. Investing through social venture capital+* into income generating activities with positive social outcomes. *Capital+ involves tying appropriate capital with in kind support for entrepreneurs.

5. Creating social innovation hubs to serve as dynamic, collaborative physical spaces that reinforce the ethos of the foundation and spur innovation.

The process will be enriched through a wide spectrum of experiences and opinions.
We welcome your participation as we develop this narrative.