Chakra is building innovative ways to invest in the future of British Indian communities.

Chakra is: Future Focused

Chakra is for the 5 years olds of today. We will create the opportunities that enable them to thrive and flourish and serve 20 years on from now.

Chakra is: a Community Dialogue

We recognise that the idea of community is fluid and personal. Chakra is fostering a community narrative to understand trends and shape our long term scenarios.

Chakra is: learning

We learn by doing; together. And together, our design thinking process guides us to think, try, learn, fail, innovate and grow…and repeat.

Chakra is not:…

…making assumptions, reactive, issue focussed, event centred, fragmented, conclusive, about numbers or motivated by the short term.

Participate in our current INITIATIVES. Help with the new ideas we are INCUBATING.  Our CONCEPT NOTE describes where we want to get to and the PROCESS informs how. Get involved